Friday, December 23, 2011

Time Flies....

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it's been since I last updated our family blog.  But who can blame me?  Life just doesn't slow down.  Here's a brief recap of the last 6 months:

We moved to Tacoma in June.
Adam graduated from Fire Academy and started working 48 hour shifts.
I was hired as a 3rd grade teacher with Renton School District.
Our current rental house sold, so now we are packing up and moving to Covington next Friday. 
I'm continuing to work some weekends whenever there is a faceapainting event.

Basically, 2011 has been nuts. 

We will have moved twice.
Adam and I both got new jobs (probationary firefighter and first year teacher... yikes)
I finished my Masters Degree and Adam is in school as part of his job.
Oh, and we had a baby. 
Am I missing any other major life changes?? 

Looking at that list makes my head hurt.  Especially since I didn't add that I've been commuting 1 hour (each way) to work each day.  Thankfully we are moving to an area that cuts my commute by 40 minutes.  That makes me relax a little. 

Merry Christmas for now!  Will update again once we are settled into the new place.