Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're Tacoma Bound!

The third time is a charm!  We've been looking at rental houses/duplexes to hold us over until Adam finishes his probationary year.  The first place was a duplex in Gig Harbor, but it was way north, and too far of a drive for Adam.  The second place was a townhouse in Puyallup, but again, crappy commute (Frederickson area), and the third place was Tacoma. 

We have been very blessed to be connected with a woman who is moving back to England on June 9th, and wants somebody to occupy her 1909 Craftsman in Northeast Tacoma while she waits for it to sell.  It is a short-sale, which means the buying process could take a while.  There is the chance that it sells right away, in which case we'd be forced to move again, but we at least have a place to live for the next 3 months (at a minimum!) 

There are many perks to this deal:  It's in a great neighborhood, it's on a quiet, dead-end street, the home is GORGEOUS, she is charging us a very low rent, it's close to all three families, and it will be a decent commute for Adam.  All we have to do is make sure the house is clean for prospective buyers, and maintain the yard.  Now if only we could just BUY this house for ourselves!  Too bad $375K is a little out of our price range...   :) 

We will be moving June 11th-13th.  Only two weeks to get this apartment packed up, and unfortunately, Adam will still be gone M-F to finish his Firefighter II certification at Bates.  I'm thinking we are going to need some help.  Anybody free that weekend to help load/unload a truck? 

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  1. What a gorgeous house! I wish you could buy it too!! How fun that you get to rent it though!!! Look at all that room!!!