Monday, April 11, 2011

37 Week Checkup Appointment

My doctor was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that I am 1 centimeter dilated and that Calvin has taken up residence in my pelvis (I believe she used the phrase "fully engaged.")  As she was doing her exam, she started out by saying, "Sorry, this is probably uncomfort--  OH.  Wow. Yup, he's right there."  She was surprised because I'm only 37 weeks and haven't experienced any contractions.  That doesn't mean much yet, except that my body is letting me know it's almost go time, because some women will stay at 1-2 cm for weeks.  But still! Kind of exciting!

So I'm healthy, Calvin is healthy, Adam is kicking butt at Academy...  we're doing awesome!  The only thing I have left to do in preparation for Calvin's arrival is take this fancy pants car seat to the Safety Restraint office at the police station and have them install it, and get a few more items packed for the overnight hospital bag.  I wish I could also have a clean, clutter-free house so that Calvin's visitors don't have to play human pong when they come over, but you can only move stuff into so many corners.  We need a bigger place so badly.  Someday...

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