Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School, Home, and Baby Update

Today, I am dancin' a jig.  I sent in the final revisions for my thesis, and my professor just let me know that I am FINISHED!  I started the paper in September and it somehow grew to 40 pages in length.  I am only slightly disappointed that I won't be participating in the graduation ceremony in May (it's one week after Calvin's due date, and if he's late, I just might go into labor while walking across the stage!), but overall, I'm happy to not sit through 3 hours of speeches, awards, etc.  Been there, done that! 

I really don't mean to sound pretentious, but I'm kind of proud of my achievements! This is simply because I used to be the kind of person who would become complacent when faced with the prospect of planning for the future.  I remember thinking, "Four years of college? Forget that! What can I do that is cheap and quick?" While I am pleased with my education, I am more proud of myself for overcoming the need for immediate gratification and doing something a little more challenging.  I never would have thought it would result in an Associates, a Bachelors, and a Masters Degree!   So where do we go from here?  Even though I graduate with my Masters in May, I still have one semester left.  Basically, I needed to fast-track through the program because of Calvin, so I finished my paper in April, instead of July.  However, I still need to give my end-of-the-program presentation in July. 

Now that I've finished my paper, I can also spend this time before Calvin is born to pick up where we left off in our house hunt.  We have to be out of our current sardine can by July 31st.  We found a home we really liked in Puyallup, but it's been snatched up by another buyer.  We were bummed, but we know the timing just wasn't right, and there's a better option out there for us.  We're continuing to look in Puyallup and Bonney Lake.  Yes, we've looked in Kent. Yes, we've looked in Auburn.  Yes, we've looked in Tacoma.  While we appreciate our friends and family letting us know how much they want us to live near them, we are going to live where we can get more house/lot size for our price range, and Puyallup/Bonney Lake area is treating us right.  I wish we could just pick a house and magically live wherever people want us to live, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. 

So let's see...  I've finished school, we're continuing the house hunt and will hopefully be homeowners before July 31st...  what else?  Oh yes.  Baby.

I had my 38 week (or was it 39?) appointment yesterday and I am now 2 centimeters dilated!  I experienced some Braxton Hicks contractions last week, and I think a few times this week, but nothing that has sent me to my stop watch. And, according to Adam, I've apparently "nested" (I put this term in quotes because I usually do that for things I don't believe in, but am resigned to calling it by its name for lack of a better term) because I cleaned the house last week.  I'm being slightly facetious in saying this, but telling a pregnant woman she's nesting just because she cleaned the house is completely patronizing to me.  In my opinion, it's equivalent to saying, "Oh, you're in a bad mood? You must be starting your period..."  lol  In reality, I came to the realization that I was going to have an onslaught of visitors once Calvin arrived, and I really didn't want people to see our piles of crap.  I guess I'm just not seeing the connection between cleaning the house and the arrival of a baby.  I've been cleaning houses since I was a kid.  Apparently when you have a life in your uterus it's called something different.   ;)

Well, that's all for now.  Any bets on the day Calvin will make his grand appearance? 

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